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Oleg Borisov


Hello all!
My name is Oleg Borisov.
I'm an entrepreneur.

This site is a kind of tribute to my projects I’ve done within last 10 years.

My main skill is product marketing. I’m specialized in creation of a good product: what it should be, which functions and properties it should have, how it should work. And how to make people want to buy and use it.

I have big experience in events. In past I have made 5 biggest dance events in Omsk. I also create events for external clients.

I play almost all musical instruments, write music and now produce several singers.

I travel a lot. Have visited 28 countries and 80 cities of the planet.

I love spacious mind people, good design and simple text, cinema, books, BMW and sport. Interested in aviation, history and politics.

In my opinion, everyone should have his own mission: something he lives for. My mission is to create products and services, which will improve lives of other people.

I’m open to conversations. Feel free to write to me and follow me on social networks.