Omskservices — Oleg Borisov
Omskservices Omsk Oleg Borisov

The company finished work in 2015

Web‑sites and online services developer

Omsk services, LLC started in 2010. Initially, the company was engaged in the development of web-sites for a wide range of customers.

Later, the company switched into creation of Internet services. In particular, the company developed the Internet service SMS Aero, which is the leader on the market of SMS‑marketing in Russia today.

Omskservices Omsk Oleg Borisov

At different times from 30 to 45 people of different specialities: engineers, designers, marketing specialists, programmers, managers worked in the company.

A strong and united team made it possible to create one of few IT companies that creates competitive solutions for the whole country, and is based in Omsk.

Omskservices team Omsk Oleg Borisov